Cartar Econo Wheel Kit

The Cartar Econo Lift can be used as a totally portable lift that can be moved with ease to any place with in your workshop. For that matter it can also be used outside in all weather conditions. Unlike many lifts that claim to be portable and require levering back on handles, and dragging hoses and canisters of oil, the Cartar Econo is totally self sufficient and glides along the factory floor. This is all possible because of the unique Cartar Econo Wheel set. This is an optional product.

These are 2 wheels that, when mounted, balance the lift to give ground clearance and hold the lifts weight with springs.
Once the Econo starts to lift a car, the spring loaded wheels retract and the bed of your Cartar Econo Lift sits safely on its base solidly on your factory floor.
Totally Australian made. Quality built for long life.

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