Our organization have been using Carter Mobile Lifts for over a year now, we have found The Carter Glidemaster Mobile lift to be a pinnacle asset to our day-to-day operation.
With the maneuverability, clearer floor space, safer working environment for all the staff and the increase in functional productivity due to the staff having more free space to work – this all improves efficiency and resulting in better bottom line outcomes.
In the past we have relied on fixed post assisted lifting machines, we have always found them to be time consuming in set up, single purpose units, not user friendly with the posts restricting the ability to completed some of the required functions needed – the Glidemaster gives our staff unrestricted access to all areas of the vehicle. Allowing the vehicle and lift to be moved in all areas of the workshop.
I would highly recommend any workshop/ repair facility to invest in this state-of-the-art equipment to improve staff output, overall flow through workshop – while providing a safer working environment.